As an institution of higher learning, Ecclesia College mentors effective leaders to strengthen the foundations of society through the life and values of Christ.

Educational Goals

Ecclesia College seeks to provide a distinctive education through its mentoring for life and learning, God-honoring academically challenging classes, work-learning internships, community service, and Christian outreach.  Upon successful completion of the Ecclesia College faith and character-based education, graduates should be able to demonstrate:

• Effective communication skills in listening, speaking and writing.
• Necessary critical thinking skills (including analysis, synthesis and evaluation) to interact effectively in a culturally diverse and increasingly pluralistic world.
• Biblical faith and character as the foundation for further spiritual and ethical development and mentoring of other faithful Christians.
• A Biblically-formed worldview, integrating the Christian faith, lifestyle, and general educational content.
• Effective leadership skills within diversified ministry/work/vocation and service contexts.
• A commitment to service within the broad context of modern society.
• A commitment to an established pattern of life-long learning.

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