At Ecclesia, your education goes beyond the classroom with work-learning and campus life. The work-learning program emphasis prepares you for the work force and helps you develop solid work ethic and leadership skills. Campus life provides opportunities to make new friends, connect with your professors, and enjoy a college adventure. It is through community living, students learn what it means to be the Body of Christ. Ask any student why Ecclesia College and they will tell you, “the people.” We are family.


We believe that education goes beyond the classroom. Our work-learning emphasis will prepare students for the workforce and help them develop a solid work ethic and leadership skills.

Resident Life

Ecclesia's unique atmosphere provides numerous opportunities for students to experience a close-knit community of students, faculty, and staff while developing lasting friendships.


We aim to mentor effective leaders to strengthen the foundations of society through Biblical values. We seek to provide a distinctive education through mentoring students for life and learning.

Character Program

This program implements a holistic and energized character education program to encourage development of personal and professional qualities among students both in and out of the classroom.

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Ecclesia's music programs give students the opportunity to be a part of ministry happening on campus. Students can participate in the choir and perform at official college events. Students who play an instrument and have a heart and calling to lead worship can grow in their abilities by leading worship in assembly and other campus events. Contact us to schedule a tryout.


The NCCAA is a collegiate athletic association that emphasizes faith and character. There are roughly 100 member institutions between Division I and Division II. Ecclesia competes at the Division I level which features teams that are dual affiliated with NCAA Division II and NAIA as well. This offers very high competition for our athletic teams. Complete the recuiting questionnaire to connect with the coaching staff.

Diversity Facts - Undergraduate