Thank you for your interest in EC Online. Ecclesia’s mission is to mentor effective leaders to strengthen the foundations of society through the life and values of Christ. For many years, EC Online has been integrating this mission into an online learning environment that is convenient for you. Our format allows you the freedom and flexibility to study around your schedule, while still staying connected with professors and peers through discussion boards. Browse our degree programs and course schedules to see if studying online is the right choice for you.

Additional Information

If you are planning to transfer Ecclesia credit to another school (undergraduate or graduate programs), we recommend that you check with the registrar of that school before enrolling to make sure your credits will transfer well.

Once your application has been approved and you have paid for your courses (as well as your one-time $35 Application Fee and one-time $150 Matriculation Fee), you may then be registered for online courses. 

 Admission Process

  • Complete Application
  • Request References
    • Have a mentor, pastor, or some you lean into regularly fill out a Reference Form
  • Request Transcript(s) and ACT/SAT Scores
    • Academically, an incoming freshman is required to present evidence of high school graduation with a 2.0 or higher and must have a minimum ACT score of 19 or current SAT equivalency. ACT/SAT scores may already be listed on your HS transcript. Applicants who do not meet direct admission requirements are advised to contact the Admissions Office.
  • Connect with Your Online Representative
    • You can call us at 479-717-9940 or email us at
  • Apply for Financial Aid

All official documentation can be sent to:

Ecclesia College
Attn: EC Online Registrar
9653 Nations Drive
Springdale, AR 72762

Fax: 479-248-1455

It’s time to get your degree, and we are more than happy to help you as you consider and pray about which degree you should pursue.
EC Online offers both undergraduate and graduate degrees. Check out our degree programs and course schedule to find out what works for you!





of Arts


of Science


This program will prepare Christian students of all ages who have a growing relationship with God to effectively lead in a wide variety of settings, including church and parachurch organizations, the mission field (stateside and international), and the marketplace.  Most important, this Christ-centered program will help students from all denominations integrate biblical principles into their personal and professional lives, while deepening their understanding of Scripture for its application in practical situations.

If you've been thinking about pursuing your graduate degree, this may be the perfect time! Learn More


When thinking about a schedule that works for you, there are many factors to consider.

Consider your lifestyle

Be sure to take the number of courses you believe you can handle within a particular study period based on your personal schedule.

Consider your pace

You might want to take an accelerated course if you tend to work quickly or an extended course if you work a bit more slowly.

Consider "staggering" your courses

If you work full-time or have children, enroll in courses that begin on one "start date," and a couple that begin on the following "start date".

Online Course Schedule

Choose your preferred Offering Period from the options below. (Pay close attention to start and end dates.)

  SPRING 2018    
  Spring 1C (Canvas) Jan 15 Mar 11
  Spring 2 Feb 1 Mar 31
  Spring 3 Mar 1 Apr 30
  Spring 4 Mar 15 May 15
  Spring 2C (Canvas) Mar 19 May 13
  SUMMER 2018    
  Summer 1 May 15 Jul 16
  Summer 1C (Canvas) May 21 Jul 15
  Summer 2 Jun 1 Jul 30
  Summer 3 Jun 15 Aug 15
  Fall 2018    
  Fall 1C (Canvas) Aug 20 Oct 14
  Fall 1 Sep 1 Oct 31
  Fall 2 Sep 15 Nov 15
  Fall 3 Oct 15 Dec 15
  Fall 2C (Canvas) Oct 22 Dec 16
At Ecclesia our goal is to offer an outstanding education at an affordable price. We can do that through federal aid, in-house scholarships, and our unique work-learning program.
On this page you will find more information about the types of financial aid you are eligible for and how to apply.

Steps to Financial Aid

STEP 1: Apply for Financial Aid

Create an FSA ID at Your ID will enable you to “sign” documents electronically, access your Student Aid Report (SAR) online and make corrections to your FAFSA through the web. Both the parent and student must each apply for an FSA ID. If you have applied for aid in past years, you can reuse your FSA ID.

Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at before March 1. Our preferred date for submissions is February 14th. The amount of available aid is limited, so the best time to apply for it is as soon as possible. Currently, the soonest a FAFSA application can be filed with the Department of Education is on the October 1st preceding the academic year that you are requesting financial aid for.

Research Outside Scholarships

STEP 2: Review Student Aid Report

After you file the FAFSA, review the first page of the SAR.

Find the EFC number (Expected Family Contribution).

Review the FAFSA for accuracy. Make corrections as necessary. Please resubmit the FAFSA after making corrections.

STEP 3: Apply for Scholarships

Ecclesia offers institutional scholarships based on academics, performance, work, and leadership. There are also many scholarships available for Arkansas residents. View these offerings and other scholarships opportunities on the scholarships and grant page.

STEP 4: Get your Award Letter

Ecclesia will award financial aid after the student is accepted to Ecclesia and has a completed financial aid file (We will notify you if your file is incomplete.).  Ecclesia begins issuing financial aid awards to new fall students on March 1. The Financial Aid Office awards merit-based financial aid based on the requirements listed on the scholarship pages.  Ecclesia awards need-based financial aid to a student with financial aid need, as calculated by subtracting the student's EFC from Ecclesia's cost of attendance.  The need-based financial aid offer will not exceed a student's total cost of attendance. The student will receive the final financial aid offer via e-mail.
Remember the initial offer may not be the last offer - it is generally only a starting point. Talk to your admissions counselor or financial aid representative if you have questions or need additional assistance.

Have Questions?

EC Online Tuition & Fees

We want to make private, Christian education as affordable as possible. The gifts of like-minded donors make it possible for us to offer a generous scholarship, bringing our $475 online credit hour down to the very palatable rate of $266.33 per credit hour. Therefore, a 3 credit hour undergraduate course at EC Online costs you only $799.  See the Financial Aid section (below) to discover how you can pay even less, out-of-pocket, for your online studies. Or click here to view our Financial Aid Guide.

Graduate courses are $850 for a 3 credit hour course ($283.33 per credit hour) after the scholarship is applied.  The normal rate of tuition for graduate courses is $525 per credit hour.

Are you an Arkansas resident?  Up to $2,000 per year (potentially growing each year of enrollment) has recently been made available for your higher education!  Click one of these links to view Financial Aid Scenarios for Arkansas StudentsOut of State Students, and International Students.

Undergraduate Online Course Costs
Tuition Per Credit Hour (after $208.70 scholarship)
Tuition Per Course (after $626.10 scholarship)
One Time Application Fee
* One Time Matriculation Fee
One Time Graduation Fee
** One Time International Student Fee

Book costs vary.  Online costs subject to change.  See Refund Policy below.

* Instead of paying separate fees for services like new student orientation, advisement, degree applications, re-enrollment, etc., EC students pay a one-time Matriculation Fee and receive these and other services at no charge.

**There is an International Student Fee of $75 for those students who are not U.S. citizens. (International students may not pursue an online degree studying in another location in the U.S.  However, they can study in a location in their own or another country. You may email us at to learn more.)

If you are interested in applying for life experience evaluation, please expect a $35 charge per credit hour evaluated (not granted).

Payment for Online Courses
a. Payment must be made before your official enrollment at least one week prior to the commencement of your courses in order for you to have time to order and receive your textbooks.
b. A check or credit card for the total amount must be processed by the EC Business Office prior to our Online Academic Office officially activating your course enrollment.   Any Pell and/or Loan money you are granted that is not used for tuition and fees will be reimbursed to you once the College has received it.
c. To make a payment by check contact EC Online Student Services or Click here to pay online.

Financial Aid
Maximum Pell grants vary from year to year.  The amount for the 2016/17 school year is $2,907.50 per semester for those students with the most need.
a. Your FAFSA form for the upcoming school year may be completed online at
b. For Financial Aid assistance, you may contact the Financial Aid Office at 479-248-7236

Refund Policy
The student must file this official Withdrawal Form with the Distance Ed Registrar to receive a tuition credit or refund.  Your refund will be calculated on the date/time you submit this form.  Students failing to properly withdraw from a course will not receive a tuition credit/refund.  The withdrawal fee per course is $25. This applies to administrative withdrawals as well. All times are in the Central Time Zone. If you are not sure what time it is in the Central Time Zone go to

Refunds are issued according to the following schedule minus the nonrefundable application and matriculation fees.

(Students must receive official confirmation of course withdrawal from the EC Online office to be eligible to receive the appropriate refund noted below.)

All Online Courses
-100% refund through first 6% of a particular offering period  (days are rounded up, when possible, to the benefit of the student)

  • If the offering period is 8 weeks long, the student receives 100% refund for the first 3 days and 0% thereafter.
  • If the offering period is 12 weeks long, the student receives 100% refund for the first 5 days and 0% thereafter.
  • If the offering period is 16 weeks long, the student receives 100% refund for the first 7 days and 0% thereafter.

-There is a 0% refund after midnight on last "refundable" day of class.

Three-Day Intensives
100% refund first half-day only

EC Online Cohorts

Students participating in the EC Online Cohort with Heartland Master's Commission receive graduated scholarships, ranging from 44% to 72% off the full tuition rate, depending on financial aid eligibility.

Students participating in the EC Online Cohort with the Atlanta School of Ministry receive a scholarship that is approximately 49% less than full tuition.

For more information on EC Online cohorts, please email us or call (479) 717-9940.

Audited courses or non-credit courses cannot be dropped nor credit/refunds issued. Audited courses are not listed on transcripts.

Course Withdrawal Fee:  $25

At Ecclesia College, many of our experienced resident faculty also teach online learning courses so you are sure to get the same quality education as students who attend here on campus. Plus, we have a low student-to-faculty ratio to provide for even better one-on-one attention throughout your courses.

Yes. EC Online courses are the same high quality as the courses offered on campus. Traditional institutions will accept credits taken through our online programs.

Typically, students login on the first day of the course. Students will find the course syllabus, which provides essential information about the course and instructions concerning upcoming assignments, required reading from the textbooks, and class participation on the discussion boards. Students will need to complete the assigned course work, submit assignments, ask questions, and participate in class discussions. The professor for the course will facilitate class discussion, provide important input, and oversee the course.

No, all online courses are taught asynchronously. There are weekly due dates, but your study/class schedule is extremely flexible. For every week the course is scheduled, students are required to attend 5 days out of 7.

For many adults it’s the ideal way to learn. Work, family, and other obligations can make it difficult to attend class on an established schedule. Online learning allows students to fit the course-work into their life while maintaining an organized learning environment and the ability to interact with other students and the professor. Online students can study whenever, wherever, and at whatever place works best for them.

Those who participate in online courses may find that in addition to learning the course material, they develop essential life-skills such as: self-reliance, independence, communication – written skills, time management, goal setting, personal development, and presentation skills.

Just like Springdale campus courses, online courses are taught by professors. The course syllabi describes the course, identifies the textbooks for the course, outlines the course assignments and provides a course schedule. Professors will facilitate class discussion through questions, observations, and lectures.

A regular online course is eight weeks in length.

You will receive information on textbooks once you have been officially enrolled. (It is wise to order textbooks at least a week in advance. We recommend two weeks in advance.) NOTE: The student is responsible for having his/her textbooks before classes begin. Rush your books if necessary.

Just as an on-campus student needs a car to get to courses, students who desire to take online courses must have the necessary equipment and connection to get to their online courses. Equipment which is necessary for online courses includes: a computer, Internet service, and the desire to learn. Windows-based PC’s are recommended. Courses do not require a high-speed Internet connection.



You will need daily access to a computer running Windows 2000, XP or Vista; or a Mac OS 10.4 (or higher) to access and succeed in your classes. It is also the student's responsibility to ensure before enrolling in classes that he/she has dependable internet access. Familiarize yourself with the academic policy regarding technical difficulties.

✓ Windows or Mac with minimum 1 Ghz processor

✓ 256 MB ram

✓ Webcam, microphone and headphones

✓ Microsoft Office 2000/2003/2007 or Office Mac 2004/2007

✓ Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher; Firefox is recommended

✓ Word Processor: Microsoft Word is recommended. Must be able to save in rich text format or Word format.