On Campus Concurrent Courses

Ecclesia College is committed to providing high school students with the opportunity for concurrent enrollment in college courses as provided by Arkansas law. To be considered for this program, a student must be enrolled in the 9th through 12th grade, have a high school grade-point average of at least a 3.0 and a letter from the high school principal, superintendent, (or home school parent) stating that the student meets the criteria established by the Arkansas Board of Higher Education.

Students interested in concurrent enrollment should fill out an “Application for Admission” form and contact the EC Admissions Office to schedule an appointment with an admissions counselor. Students must complete a Concurrent Application Form each semester they wish to take a class.

Transfer of Credit:

Students planning to earn course credit at one college and  transfer to another are advised to research in advance the transfer of credits.

General Information

The following courses are available for concurrent enrollment. This is a preliminary list and is subject to change.

• ARTS 1330 Fine Arts: Theater
• BIBL 1310 Old Testament Survey
• BIOL 1400 General Biology w/Lab
• COMM 1300 Principles of Oral Communication
• ENGL 1300 English Composition I
• ENGL 1310 English Composition II
• HIST 2300 History of Civilization
• HIST 2310 U.S. History I
• HUMN 1310 Intro. to Humanities: Worldview
• MATH 0360 Intermediate Algebra
• MATH 1370 College Algebra
• PSCI 2300 U.S. Government
• PSCS 1300 General Psychology: Life Principles
• REL 1300 Intro. to the Bible
• SOCI 1300 Intro. to Sociology

Some of these require minimum ACT or COMPASS scores to be eligible for enrollment.


High School students may take up to 7 credit hours per semester for $60 per credit hour. The student fee is $15 per course. A maximum of 14 total credit hours may be taken at the special concurrent rate. After 14, the regular Ecclesia College prices apply. The concurrent student rates do not apply for Ecclesia online courses. Students are required to pay all special course fees, applicable book costs and tuition on the day of registration.

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