Student Comments and Appeals

A student who has a comment, grievance, or an appeal related to an official policy, guideline, or disciplinary decision should follow this procedure for resolution:

1. Contact the person who has made the decision and request an explanation. If it is discovered there has been a misunderstanding, the problem can be resolved at this point.
2. If the appeal is not satisfactorily resolved, the student should speak with supervisor of the person who made the decision.
3. If the problem is not yet resolved, the student may then request a video or phone conference hearing with the EC Administrative Council by submitting a written appeal within a week of the incident. The person with whom a grievance is directed is to be a part of this meeting. The decision of the EC Administrative Council (which includes the President) will include a written response or the decided action, if any, and will be communicated to the student within a week following the meeting. To contact the EC Administrative Council, please email the Office of the President.
4. If a student wishes to file a complaint with their home state agency, they may do so by contacting the proper personnel in their state. For a complete list of contact information for state agencies, please click here.