EC Online FAQ's

1) Are online learning programs as good as traditional, on-campus programs?

At Ecclesia College, many of our experienced resident faculty also teach online learning courses so you are sure to get the same quality education as students who attend here on campus. Plus, we have a low student-to-faculty ratio to provide for even better one-on-one attention throughout your courses.

2) Can online learning credits transfer to other colleges?

Yes.  EC Online courses are the same high quality as the courses offered on campus.  Credits taken through us will be accepted by traditional institutions just as if you had studied on-campus at Ecclesia College.

3) How does online distance education work?

Typically students log in on the first day of the course. Students will find the course syllabus which provides essential information about the course and instructions concerning upcoming assignments, required reading from the textbooks, and class participation on the discussion boards. Students will need to complete the assigned course work, submit assignments, ask questions, and participate in class discussions. The professor for the course will facilitate class discussion, provide important input, and oversee the course.

4) Do all students have to be online at the same time?

No, all online courses are taught asynchronously. There are weekly due dates, but your study/class schedule is extremely flexible.

5) Do students seem to like distance education?

For many adults it’s the ideal way to learn. Work, family, and other obligations can make it difficult to attend class on an established schedule. Online learning allows students to fit the course work into their life while maintaining an organized learning environment and the ability to interact with other students and the professor. Online students can study whenever, wherever, and at whatever place works best for them.

6) Is this really an effective way to learn?

Yes. Studies have shown that online education students often score higher than those who attend courses on-ground. Online courses provide more opportunities for participation which allows students to express their ideas more frequently and in greater depth.

7) What are the benefits of participating in online classes?

Those who participate in online courses may find that in addition to learning the course material they also more fully develop essential life-skills such as; self-reliance, independence, communication – written skills, time management, goal setting, personal development, and presentation skills.

8) How will the online course be taught?

Just like on-ground courses, online courses are taught by professors. The course syllabi describes the course, identifies the textbooks for the course, outlines the course assignments and provides a course schedule. Professors will facilitate class discussion through questions, observations, and lecturettes. Students are encouraged to engage one another and the course material. Student’s may interact with the professor through the discussion boards or private email. For every week the course is scheduled, students are required to attend 5 days out of 7.

9) What is the recommended number of online courses a student should take each quarter?

Courses are offered in two sessions every quarter. Students who are new to EC Online may only take one course in their first session. After their first session, students may enroll for a maximum of two courses. So students who are new to online could take one course in their first session and 2 courses in their second session resulting in 3 courses for the quarter.

10) How long are online courses?

A regular online course is eight weeks in length.

11) When do online courses begin?

See Online Courses

12) What are the requirements for taking online courses?

Just as an on campus student needs a car to get to on-ground courses, students who desire to take online courses must have the necessary equipment and connection to get to their online courses. Equipment which is necessary for online courses includes: a computer, Internet service, and the desire to learn. Windows-based PC’s are recommended. Courses do not require a high-speed Internet connection. For more information see Online Computer System Requirements.

13) How much does it cost to take courses online?

For a list of current rates, see Tuition & Fees.

14) How do I obtain textbooks for the courses?

A list of required textbooks will be available prior to the start of the course and is available at ...

15) How do I get started?

It’s easy. Contact The EC Online Admissions Office to begin the process.  Or submit an application online.  Once you have been admitted, you can begin enrolling in online courses.

Don’t put off enjoying the great benefits of online learning! Get started today—submit your information now.