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One of only seven work learning colleges in the United States, Ecclesia stands out as a college where students learn valuable workplace skills while they complete their higher education. (Check out this CHRONICLE article that discusses work learning!)  In our Work Learning Program, you’ll earn 9$ to $12 an hour toward your tuition while you’re getting priceless on the job training and character refining experience.

Visit the Work Colleges Consortium: Seven distinctive colleges promoting the purposeful integration of work-learning-service.

How does it make a difference in your education?

1. Work-learning significantly reduces the cost of tuition! Work Learning Program tuition credit – This is awarded to all resident students (and the majority of non-residents) who participate in the student work program. The actual amount of money earned for the hours worked (around $2,025 / semester) in the student work program throughout the semester is credited towards the student’s tuition costs.

2. Work-learning gives you the opportunity for the practical application of Christ-like character! “I’d rather see a sermon than hear one.”
Christianity is practical.  Our witness as Christ’s followers rests not only on what we say, but how we live.  Would Jesus have a work ethic, been punctual, taken initiative, and displayed diligence?  Then we too should practice being Christ-like in every aspect of our lives.  Responsibility reveals what is within.  We want to grow in letting “Christ in us the hope of glory” live His life through us.
3. Work-learning helps you gain job experience! Employers are looking for people with experience, proven skill, interpersonal ability, and a good work ethic.  As you gain these qualities, many juniors and seniors have opportunity to work in a position related to their career choice, thus building their resume before they leave college.  After graduation your hands-on experience and learned skills will position you for a better job and greater influence in your chosen profession.

During each fall & spring semester, students will be assigned a Work Learning position where they will work alongside other personnel on average 15 hours / week at our campus facilities in jobs including:

Food Services
Admissions Office
Information Technology

Ecclesia has historically recognized the value of high-quality work and now maintains an institutional commitment to promote an understanding of that value among students through the establishment of a student work-and-learning program.

This program helps students to understand work as a tool for experiential education, as a means of serving the community, nation, and world, and as a place for integrating academic learning, practical knowledge, and life lived in the larger community.

We believe that the educational process should be comprehensive, with each of its many participants informing and being informed by the broader community. Our students prepare for leadership through participation, not only observation.

Work College Consortium

Ecclesia College is the newest member of the nationally recognized Work College’s Consortium. To learn more, please visit our consortium’s website:

Quotes on Work Learning from Ecclesia College Alumni

“The Work Program helped to accentuate the importantce of work and responsibility in addition to lowering the cost of education.”

“It confirmed and strengthened the vision, goals, objectives, strategies, tactics, operations and activities of my present work.”

“Work Learning helped me with organization, taking initiative and leading others.”

“I only did my last year (as an adult) at Ecclesia College. I participated in the Work Program using professional skills I already had and learned quite a few additional skills while in the program.  It has helped me quite a bit in my current job.”

“I learned necessary skills in the Work Learning Program, and it also helped me develop my personal character.”

“The Work Learning Program allowed me to graduate debt free.”

“I was challenged to engage in team work, verbal and written communication, leadership roles and service.  My interpersonal skills were improved, and I gained a better understanding of God and others.  I learned responsibility, diligence, thoroughness, determination and other character qualities.”

“What stuck with me was this… Things have to get done, so just get them done.  Work hard in the time you have.”

“For me, hands-on experience, combined with the development of work ethic and leadership opportunities were key.”

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