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If you’re interested in Ecclesia College the best thing you can do is come and experience it! Our great students and caring faculty will show you why the Ecclesia educational experience is so outstanding, and how it will equip you for lifelong success!

Official Visit Days are scheduled every fall and spring, but you can set up an individual appointment any time! If you would like to try out for one of the activities below, call or email the contact person listed. If you’re not sure you want to try out for anything, but definitely want to visit the College, call the Admissions Office now! 479.248.7236 or Email us.

The next upcoming campus visit days/tryouts are the first Friday of the following months:

September October November December February March April May

Call or Email the appropriate contact below to learn the dates of tryouts/auditions in your sport or area of interest.


Performing Arts:

Music/Choir Contact: Donna Brown

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