Eternal Truth:  read fascinating articles and book excerpts from Ecclesia faculty and well-known authors who cover every subject from “Christian humanism” to effective homeschooling; from intelligent design to constructivism.

Latest Articles:

In Due Time (Betty McKinney) 4-07-2011

Contending for the Faith (David Ravenhill) 10-03-2010

Love Hopes All Things – Part I (Paul Snyder) 9-10-2010

Addressing Personal – Collective Faith (David Barton) 9-02-2010

Glenn Beck – By Their Fruits (David Barton) 9-02-2010

At the Top of the Hill (Twila Paris) 2-28-2010

What it Means to be a Christian (T. Austin-Sparks) 1-30-2010

Away in a Manger (Paul Snyder) 12-23-2009

Why I Believe in God (Winkie Pratney) 12-1-2009

The Religion of Thomas Jefferson (David Barton) 9-24-2009

A Safe Place to Land (Paul Snyder) 8-22-2009

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