As a transfer student you may find that you are presented with a few special challenges.  But don’t worry.  At Ecclesia College we are more than happy to help you through the process of transferring credit.  Please email the Registrar’s Office with any questions you may have.

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•International Colleges and Universities

Ecclesia College accepts academic courses with a minimum grade of “C” or above in transfer from regionally and nationally accredited institutions recognized by the United States Department of Education.  Remedial courses may not be transferred into Ecclesia College in fulfillment of degree completion requirements.

Technical or vocational courses are not ordinarily granted credit toward academic degrees.  However, EC will accept courses demonstrated as acceptable to at least three recognized accredited institutions.  It is the student’s responsibility to research and provide documentation to the Transfer Coordinator for review and verification.

Transfer credits from institutions that are not regionally accredited may be accepted on the same basis they are accepted by the reporting institution in their own state.

Certification, diploma, associate degree and other pre-bachelor degree programs issued by institutions not accredited by regionally accrediting agencies are not accepted for block credit unless EC’s Academic Committee has pre-established a formal articulation agreement with the institution.  Courses in these programs, however, may be evaluated individually according to EC’s credit transfer policies.  Students may petition the Academic Committee for special transferability consideration and provide needful documentation as requested.

Transcripts submitted to Ecclesia College become the property of EC and are stored in the student’s permanent file.  They cannot be copied or reissued except for non-campus advisement purposes, in which case the documents are delivered directly to the appropriate department chair.

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