Online Concurrent Courses

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Tuition: Online courses are $475 per credit hour, but are heavily subsidized, bringing the student’s out-of-pocket cost down to $266.30 per credit hour ($799 per three-hour online course).

Concurrent Course Listing:

Applied College Algebra

Basic College Math

Comp and Reading I

Comp and Reading II

U.S. Government

Communication Concepts

Intro to Sociology

Introduction to Humanities

Music Appreciation

Introduction to Health Science

Foundation of Christian Missions

Old Testament Survey

New Testament Survey

Earth Science

Earth Science Lab (a one credit hour course)

Life Science

High School Courses:

Skills for College Success

Biblical Financial Planning for High School Students

Comp and Grammar

NOTE: If you do not plan to attend Ecclesia College, in order to ensure that your credit will be accepted at the school of your choice, before taking the course you must first submit your chosen course description(s) to the registrars of the colleges or universities you may attend.

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