Dear Parents,

I once heard a man with two daughters say that when it came time to give away his young girls in marriage, it felt like he was handing a Stradivarius violin to a gorilla.  My girls are still quite young, but I have already experienced a tinge of that feeling.  And I feel it for my son as well.  It’s enough to drive you to your knees.

You may have a slightly similar feeling as you send your student off to college.  As a vigilant parent, you are well aware of the profound effect that professors and peers will have on the spiritual and intellectual life of your grown child for many years to come.  We are too.  And the responsibility is sobering.

We deeply value the relationship you have cultivated with your child through the years.  You have nurtured, trained, loved, and prayed for your child since the day he or she was born.  Now, sooner than you dreamed, it is time for that son or daughter to pursue his or her higher education.  And considering the results of recent studies, the decision of where to attend college probably takes second place only to that of choosing a marriage partner.  Clearly this is a phase of your child’s life in which you want to, and should be, involved.  You want to “stay in the loop”.

At Ecclesia, it is also our desire for you to stay very much in the loop with your student, and that the all-important bond between child and parent is strengthened and expanded as it matures throughout the college years.  And like you, we want to see your child grow in godly wisdom even as he or she grows in knowledge.

We hope you will consider this Christ-centered college which offers Biblically consistent academics, close community and a private education that costs the same, and sometimes less, than most state schools.  We would be honored to be a part of your family’s educational team as you pursue God’s best for His Kingdom and your lives.

Yours for the Kingdom,
Oren Paris III

Ecclesia College
Where Leaders Are Learning


* Note to Pastors

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