Mentoring For Life

Another person’s hindsight becoming your foresight is the essence of mentoring. Because the mentoring process is central to your education at EC, you will have a support system in place to foster an ever-increasing Biblical Christ-life and heart for God and His ways.  It’s not only about the “what,” but also learning the “how-to” of living like Christ.

EC’s Mentoring Program involves fellow students, administration, and faculty who care about your success, especially in receiving and living out the life of Christ.

Through formal and informal ways (including small group, seminar, chapel, R.A.s, worship/intercession, etc) you are given encouragement, accountability, prayer (with you and for you) and godly advice on the “how-to” of Christ-like living.  The staff and faculty also model life in Christ, so it’s a part of the very fiber of Ecclesia.

And as you are mentored, you will also be given opportunities to impart the life of Christ in you to others.  The blessings of God won’t stop with you, but flow through you to change nations!

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