Ecclesia College has a special heart for Christian homeschoolers.  A significant number of our faculty and staff homeschool their children, including College President, Oren Paris III.  Since 2008, we have hosted Ecclesia Prep, which offers elective classes and activities to supplement the curriculum of homeschool families in the Northwest Arkansas area.

Here at Ecclesia we believe that all truth is God’s truth and Biblically consistent, including theology, the arts, sciences, etc., and should, therefore, be mutually integrated with the principle approach to education from the Biblical perspective.  You may click here to view the entire Educational Philosophy.


The vast majority of Christian homeschool families have made the intentional choice to live on a single income in order to focus on God’s imperative to “train up a child…”  Because of this the scholarship and work learning opportunities at Ecclesia College can be of particular benefit to homeschoolers.

Ecclesia College has abandoned “old school” limitations.  While higher education prices sky-rocket all over the nation, this unique institution is committed to make a high-quality, Christ-centered education possible to all qualifying students.

Ecclesia consistently offers scholarships (some partial, some full) to 100% of its student body while maintaining rigorous academic and work learning programs.

To learn more about SCHOLARSHIP OPPORTUNITIES in your sport or other area of interest, click on the contact information provided below.

Christian Leadership Scholarship

Christian Leadership Contact: J.E. Wadkins

Performing Arts Scholarships

Music/Choir Contact: Donna Brown Theater Contact: Mike Novak

Ecclesia Royals Athletic Scholarships

To learn more about Royals Athletics visit for coach contact information and potention scholarship opportunities.

A Note From Twila Paris

Dear Homeschool Student,

Twila ParisI know you must be deeply grateful to your parents for their commitment to providing a Christ-centered education for you.  I believe it will positively affect your ability to find and fulfill God’s calling on your life.  My husband and I have also chosen to homeschool our son.

Soon you will be entering a new phase of your education, and you have a big decision to make—where to attend college.  As you weigh your many options, I invite you to consider Ecclesia College.

Ecclesia is a work learning college, which, along with financial aid and deep scholarships, enables the institution to offer private, Christ-centered higher education for the same (or lower) out-of-pocket costs as a secular state school.  Along with high academic standards, they also place a heavy emphasis on discipleship, Christian mentoring, and a Biblical foundation for learning. As you may know, the word  “Ecclesia” is Greek for “called out ones”.

Because Ecclesia is a small and friendly school, determined to prepare students to stand firm in their faith and truly be salt and light in their chosen fields of vocation, it has proven to be an ideal choice for a growing number of homeschoolers.

Wherever God leads you, I pray for and expect great things as you continue to grow in following Him.


Twila Paris serves as a member of the Ecclesia College Board of Regents, along with David Barton, Eric Metaxas, and other Christian leaders.


Click here to learn how you can earn college credit while finishing high school!

Featured Student Scholarship Recipient: Samantha Gildehaus

Samantha Gildehaus, from Washington, Missouri, is a winner of the Ecclesia Christian Leadership Scholarship. Homeschooled until now, she attended her first traditional classroom this year at Ecclesia College. The college’s active support of homeschooling appealed to Samantha and her family. God drew Samantha to Ecclesia through a message sent to her sister, a member of an elite homeschooler basketball team (ranked eighth in the country). Her family was intrigued by the message, so they looked up the school website.

They were attracted to the spiritual foundation of the school. Samantha soon visited the school to become personally acquainted, and liked the friendly family atmosphere. “Everyone knows everyone else,” she said. “It’s just like family here.” Samantha also noted how easy it is to talk to the instructors whenever she has questions.

Samantha enjoys classes (although she finds algebra a challenge), and like most homeschoolers, is a natural in class–always attentive and taking notes. She once saw a single absence recorded in the college SIS and contested it because she knew she had never been absent once. How many of us could say that about our college days!?

One of the criterion for being awarded the Christian Leadership Scholarship is a good (and growing) knowledge of the Bible. So when Samantha applied for the scholarship, it didn’t hurt that she had the recommendations of three ministers, with one being a Bible Bowl coach. (Competing in the Bible Bowl, Samantha had memorized a number of books of the Bible–in their entirety!)

In addition to her academic responsibilities at Ecclesia, Samantha also serves as the manager of the Lady Royals basketball team, still enjoying the basketball atmosphere from the days of attending her sister’s games.

Her professional plans are not definite, but one thing she does know — she would definitely enjoy being a wife and mother. Go Samantha! We hope all the best for you!

Prep Student Wins Again!

We were so proud when Kale McClarty won first place in the Rotary 4 Way Test Speech Contest!  And now we have reason to be even more proud of our homeschool students!  We are now celebrating Eccleisa Prep’s second consecutive win!

…Congratulations to Springdale homeschooler, Anna Blount, who won first place and a $500 prize in the first round of this year’s Rotary 4 Way Test Speech Contest!

And now, Anna has advanced to yet another round; chosen after Rotary’s Saturday Speech-Off as one of three finalists for the state of Arkansas.  Other Arkansas finalists include Tanner Hedstrom of Bentonville and Nick Van Slooten of Bella Vista Sunrise.  In the next round, judges will select 5 finalists from among 9 contestants from Arkansas, Oklahoma, Missouri and Kansas.

Jennifer Hutchins, who teaches English at Ecclesia College and Ecclesia Prep, coached Anna and celebrated her victory along with her family and fellow Prep students. (Ecclesia Prep is a service of Ecclesia College, offering classes and activities to area homeschoolers.) Ecclesia College President, Oren Paris says “Anna has an exceptional aptitude for public speaking and we are proud of how she is stewarding the gift God has given her.  Jennifer has now coached the winning contestant two years in a row — remarkable!”

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