As an Institution of Higher Learning, holding that all truth is God’s truth and biblically consistent, Ecclesia College embraces these 7 Core Foundational Values:


Bible-Based Education

We are called to study all disciplines in light of the Scriptures to “show ourselves approved unto God, workmen that need not be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth,” learning to think and walk honestly before Him in the light of His truth according to our ever-increasing frame of reference.

Life-Long Learning

Humankind is the highest order of intelligent beings on earth individually created by God in His own image for a unique purpose higher than ourselves to enjoy Him and be enjoyed by Him forever.  We are called to a wholesome curiosity and continued learning of the why, what, how to, and eventual outcomes of the faithful stewardship of our thought, time, talent, treasure, and trust.

Comprehensive Learning

We are called to the ideal educational prescription of “adding virtue to faith and knowledge to virtue” in that order of cyclical increase through mentoring for life and learning, God-honoring and academically challenging classes, work learning internships, community service, and Christian outreach.

Inclusion of The Whole Body of Christ

The family of God under the Lordship of Christ is called to “maintain the Spirit of unity…until we come into the unity of the faith.”  We are called to faithfully serve the whole Body of Christ, understanding that our true compatibility is based on our shared Christ-life, core foundational values, God-given vision, godly relationships, and wholehearted involvement.

Practical Norm for Life and Learning

The holy, spiritual, and eternal mindset of redeemed mankind eclipses and surpasses the profane, carnal, and temporal mindset of fallen mankind while re-establishing the only truly practical norm for all things.  We are called to live and learn now in light of eternal values, anticipating God’s “well done.”

Missions Priority

Christ’s Great Commandment and Great Commission are integral to advancing His kingdom within ourselves and among all people groups in all nations.  We are called to prepare and equip faithful ministry-minded persons of excellence, integrity, and order for professions across all aspects of society and to grow networking resources for them in their chosen vocations and further study, serving to increase and reinforce their quality of learning and service.

Community and Personal Wellness

We are called to interdependence over isolation based on God’s firm principle of domain with forgiveness of trespasses as the basis for healthy, committed relationships aligned with His heart and ways.   We also honor God in preparing for long-term, faithful service by following good healthful practices such as proper diet, adequate rest, regular exercise, and consistent meditation on Him.

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