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Dear Student,


While we know you are at the helm of your career or ministry, we want to do all we can to help you navigate your journey. We are pleased to offer EC students The Birkman Method Career Assessment as an important part of our career development services.


This widely used career tool reaches over 8,500 corporations, schools, and churches around the world, assisting those organizations in their selection and development of employees, students, and congregation members.  So be sure not to miss out on the advantage made available to you.


We believe self-discovery under the Lordship of Christ is an ongoing process, and our goal is to help our students better understand:


Who You Are We are called first and foremost to be followers of Christ.  What we do professionally flows from our initial decision to make Christ our primary focal point.


What You Are Called To Do We know that as Christians we have all been called, committed and purposed to use the talents given us to edify Him and His people.  We’re here to help you sort out the details of what that means to you.


How You Pursue It Through life in Christ and a Christ-centered education you can be well-prepared to serve the whole body of Christ and effect change in the world around you for the Kingdom of God. Our work with The Birkman Method and a host of other resources will serve to help you identify your future career or mission through the job search and beyond.




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