Policy Statement: Ecclesia College will comply with the provisions of Title III of Americans with Disabilities Act, as a public accommodation, and will provide reasonable accommodation to persons otherwise qualified who fulfill the College’s ADA procedures, inasmuch as the reasonable accommodation does not constitute an undue burden or fundamental alteration for the institution.

Please note: If you have a disability as defined in the Americans with Disabilities Act, you must notify the Academic Office and the Student Development Office of your disability and complete the necessary steps to receive reasonable accommodation for your disability.

Information regarding the Americans with Disabilities Act is available through the Student Development Office. The First Year Program Coordinator is the designated ADA liaison for the institution.

Students who fail to register their disability(ies) with the Academic Office and the Student Development Office and complete the procedures as outlined in the ADA Policy (AMPAP 2:8.0) will not receive any accommodation for their disabilities. Reasonable accommodation begins when the procedures are fulfilled and are not retroactive to the period of time before the procedures were completed.

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