Students planning to earn course credit at one college and  transfer to another are advised to research in advance the transfer of credits.  Because each school has the authority to decide which credits they will accept, it is the student’s responsibility to confirm which credits will transfer (toward their chosen field of study) at a particular college/university.

For information on transfer of specific credits contact Ecclesia College Registrar, Donna Brown.

ACTS Website:

The credit transfer information of some Arkansas colleges and universities is available at  ACTS – Arkansas Course Transfer System

This list is not comprehensive, but includes the names of certain courses which have been pre-determined to transfer for credit.

Associate Degrees:

When transferring from one school to another, it is generally much easier to receive full credit for a two-year associates degree than for a list of individual courses. For example, students who have earned a General Education Associate Degree often transfer as Juniors with credit for all general education courses.  

Bachelor and Graduate Degrees:

98% of Ecclesia graduates are employed or are currently pursuing graduate degrees. Ecclesia graduates have gone on to do graduate studies at a variety of colleges and universities, including Asbury, John Brown University, Liberty, Dartmouth and others.  You can view a partial list of those schools here:

For the sake of due diligence, it is recommend that students confirm in advance that they will be accepted into the program of their choice.