As Christ came not to be served but to serve, so Ecclesia College students desire to use their blessings in order to be a blessing in their community and around the world.  As a natural outflow of an increasing life in Christ, students at EC participate regularly in some aspect of Service Learning during the semester.

Opportunities range from working with local churches on special projects, ministering through the arts with an EC Team, or traveling to a foreign country to share the life and love of Christ.  In every case, students are applying Christ’s greatest commandment by loving Him and loving others, as well as developing crucial skills that will make them successful in every area of life.

Service Learning Projects

Local Ministry:

Working with local churches and ministries in a wide variety of special projects, community outreaches, and discipleship programs.

As a member of the local Christian community in NW Arkansas, Ecclesia College partners with local churches and ministries to further the Kingdom of God in our area as well as give students experience and understanding of how the local Body of Christ works together to accomplish His purposes in churches and their cities.

EC Ministry Teams:

As a member of the local and regional community of Christians, EC teams minister in local and regional churches/youth groups through music, drama, and speaking in order to bless and encourage the Body of Christ as well as develop our students.

Regional and National Outreaches:

As a member of the regional and national community of Christians, we recognize the need to be Christ’s witnesses not only in our own Jerusalem, but also in our Judah and Samara (and to the ends of the earth).  EC students intentionally make a practice of reaching out to those around them in both word and action.  We work with local churches in sharing the love of Christ to individuals and communities in need.

As a member of the Christian community worldwide, foreign outreaches play a vital role at Ecclesia.

How Service Learning Benefits the Student:


In the current competitive world market, top employers look for employees who have both the knowledge and the experience needed to be successful.  High on their priority list are such things as: team skills, interpersonal skills, understanding diverse cultures, and foreign language skills.  All of these crucial elements of success are learned and sharpened during EC’s Service Learnng Program.  Whether it be in a drama or music team ministering in the States or spending a month in a foreign country being challenged physical, emotionally, and spiritually, EC students grow in personal ability as well as learn how to successfully work in a team to bring about successful results.


There are few things more life-impacting than seeing with your own eyes the “untouchables” of India lying in the street dying before your eyes, the hopelessness etched into the faces of all the street children in Romania, or befriend a Chinese student who has never heard the name of “Jesus.”  But greater still, seeing the power of Jesus Christ radically saving and healing an entire broken household of Mexicans, witnessing an El Salvadorian family’s joy upon walking into the house you just built for them,  or experiencing the glow of a new convert in China who’s countenance has changed as much as her spirit!
Being used by God to radically change people’s lives, builds confidence, faith, and trust in our Lord as well as inspires all to walk in a greater presence of our Living Savor every day.

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