Ecclesia Scholarship Funds

Friends and Partners of Ecclesia are funding scholarships for Ecclesia College students in financial need or who meet certain profile criteria. These scholarships form the basis of the general scholarship fund. Award amounts are based on a funds available basis throughout the year.

Current funds include:

* The Founders Scholarship Fund
* The Oren & Marylydia Nicholson Paris Memorial Scholarship Fund
* The John Tate Memorial Scholarship Fund
* The Outreach Scholarship Fund
* The Dick Lane Memorial Scholarship Fund
* The Joe & Fina Salcido Scholarship Fund
* The Twila Paris Scholarship Fund

The distribution of all scholarship funds is determined by the Scholarship Committee according to established criteria. Candidates for scholarships are determined by direct application, invitation by the Scholarship Committee, or nomination by any member of the Scholarship Committee or established fund representative.

For information about financial aid and scholarships, please contact: J.E. Wadkins – 479.248.7236 Ext. 212 –


* Student meets regular admission requirements as stated in current EC Academic Catalog
* Student nominated by home pastor or approved EC nominating authority
* FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) application required
* Full-time resident student (exceptions: student over age 23; is married; or lives locally with parents)
* Student participates in Work Learning Program
* Student participates in Service Learning Program

Ecclesia College Performance-Based Scholarships are granted and maintained by acceptance into Official Ecclesia Representation activities (choir, sports, supportive roles, etc.), a minimum 2.5 grade point average, official College events and class attendance, and faithful adherence to the Ecclesia Honor Code and Student Handbook.

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