Dear Pastor,

We honor you and your God-ordained role in the lives you serve.  At Ecclesia College we believe the roles of the home church, parents and college to be vitally important to the spiritual growth of each student.  Our desire is to be an extension of your pastoral care.

Thank you for entrusting your student’s higher education to the dedicated staff and faculty of Ecclesia College.

To God be the Glory,
Oren Paris III
President, Ecclesia College


It’s a joy for us to be a part what God is doing in HIS college students!  Be encouraged as you read the following letter from an EC student to her pastor:

Dear Pastor Wallace,

I remember a long time ago, you telling me about this College called Ecclesia.  Honestly, before even looking into it and visiting, I thought to myself “yeah, right.”  By now though, I guess I should know better.  The Lord loves to send me places I refuse in my mind to go.  My plans were to go elsewhere.  But in the end, God brought me here.  Isn’t it wonderful how God’s plans are so much more than even what I can dream of?  The Lord has to remind me all the time and say, “Hanna, you can make all the plans in the world and dream up all these things, but My plans for you are still bigger and better than even that!”  Even though sometimes I don’t understand God’s planning, I do know that His plans are to prosper me and not to harm me.  He is a good God.  And though I can’t even begin to fathom what the Creator of the universe holds for me, I will still walk in obedience and faithfully in the plans that He has for me and the footprints He’s leaving in the sand for me to jump into.

I did actually write you this letter for a reason, and that was to thank you so much for your nomination for me to go to this school.  Even more so, and more importantly to me, I wanted to thank you for telling me about Ecclesia in the first place.  You truly have been a blessing to me, and I thank you so much for that.   I don’t know if I would have been here if you hadn’t told me about it, so thanks.  When people ask me “Why are you here?” I tell them why and how, but the root of my thoughts always keeps me saying in my head, “because of something divine; God made it happen.”

This year is going great.  I really do love it here.  This place challenges me; it stretches me, and that’s why I love it.  I’ve learned a lot of spiritual discipline in the past year.   I’ve learned how to prioritize my time, set apart time for just God and me, and I know what feeds my spirit and what feeds my flesh.



* Note to Parents

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