International Students

Ecclesia considers the student holistically based on academics, spiritual life, and character. However, academics hold the most weight when considering a student for acceptance.

Complete the Application:

including reference forms
Deadline is June 15 for fall enrollment.
If you have not started the application, it can be found here:

Pay Registration Fee:

A non-refundable registration fee of $75 US Dollars needs to be paid through Flywire when the application is submitted.

Request Academic Records:

All applicants are required to present evidence of secondary school completion in the form of an official copy of the secondary school transcript with accompanying English translation. For applicants with credit from a college, university, or technical school, all official transcripts from any attempted higher education must be presented as well.

Verification of Proficiency in English:

Applicants must provide verification of proficiency in English in one of three forms: paper-based TOEFL reflecting a score of at least 500, internet-based TOEFL reflecting a score of at least 80 with a minimum score of 20 on each subtest, or an IELTS reflecting a score of at least a 5.5.

Admissions Interview:

Before an applicant is considered for admission, a counselor will conduct a short interview after receiving all required admission documents. Contact your counselor to schedule an interview.

Ecclesia College requires proof of ability to pay before the applicant can receive 1-20 invitation.

Proof of Ability to Pay

This can be a personal bank statement or an official sponsor’s bank statement showing finances to cover at least $13,000 a year toward room, board, and student fees. Please note that textbooks and airfare are additional fees that the applicant is responsible for.

Arrival Date to Ecclesia College

The applicant is responsible for informing Ecclesia College of the date in which they plan to arrive on campus. The arrival date should be no earlier than one week before the start date of classes. Late arrival will need to be approved by the Academic Committee and a late Enrollment Validation fee will be applied.