Financial Aid For International Students

On-Campus Financial Aid Scenarios

SCENARIO #1 (Living ON campus, NOT receiving Ecclesia Need-Based Scholarship.)

✓ Benefiting from $1,000 Ecclesia College Subsidy
✓ Benefiting from $1,100 Special Ecclesia Need-Based Scholarship
✓ Benefiting from $2,475 Work Learning Money (15 hrs per week) *
✓ Living ON campus

TUITION: $2,550 Out-of-Pocket Per Semester
ROOM, BOARD & FEES: $2,950 Out-of-Pocket Per Semester
Total: $5,500

All international students must fill out the “EC International Student Tuition Scholarship Application.”  This application will be used to determine eligibility for receipt of the need-based scholarship of $1,065.  Additional need-based scholarship may be available based on student’s extenuating circumstances.  The maximum need-based scholarship per semester is $2,590.

Note: All students studying ONLINE receive a generous tuition subsidy, however no additional scholarships are currently available to them.

* See our Catalog for all determining criteria regarding Work Learning and living off campus.

Click or go to: to begin the payment process.

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