EC Online Tuition & Fees

We want to make private, Christian education as affordable as possible. The gifts of like-minded donors make it possible for us to offer a generous scholarship, bringing our $475 online credit hour down to the very palatable rate of $266.33 per credit hour. Therefore, a 3 credit hour undergraduate course at EC Online costs you only $799.  See the Financial Aid section (below) to discover how you can pay even less, out-of-pocket, for your online studies. Or click here to view our Financial Aid Guide.

Graduate courses are $850 for a 3 credit hour course ($283.33 per credit hour) after the scholarship is applied.  The normal rate of tuition for graduate courses is $525 per credit hour.

Are you an Arkansas resident?  Up to $2,000 per year (potentially growing each year of enrollment) has recently been made available for your higher education!  Click one of these links to view Financial Aid Scenarios for Arkansas StudentsOut of State Students, and International Students.

Undergraduate Online Course Costs
Tuition Per Credit Hour (after $208.70 scholarship)
Tuition Per Course (after $626.10 scholarship)
One Time Application Fee
* One Time Matriculation Fee
One Time Graduation Fee
** One Time International Student Fee

Book costs vary.  Online costs subject to change.  See Refund Policy below.

* Instead of paying separate fees for services like new student orientation, advisement, degree applications, re-enrollment, etc., EC students pay a one-time Matriculation Fee and receive these and other services at no charge.

**There is an International Student Fee of $75 for those students who are not U.S. citizens. (International students may not pursue an online degree studying in another location in the U.S.  However, they can study in a location in their own or another country. You may email us at to learn more.)

If you are interested in applying for life experience evaluation, please expect a $35 charge per credit hour evaluated (not granted).

Payment for Online Courses
a. Payment must be made before your official enrollment at least one week prior to the commencement of your courses in order for you to have time to order and receive your textbooks.
b. A check or credit card for the total amount must be processed by the EC Business Office prior to our Online Academic Office officially activating your course enrollment.   Any Pell and/or Loan money you are granted that is not used for tuition and fees will be reimbursed to you once the College has received it.
c. To make a payment by check contact EC Online Student Services or Click here to pay online.

Financial Aid
Maximum Pell grants vary from year to year.  The amount for the 2016/17 school year is $2,907.50 per semester for those students with the most need.
a. Your FAFSA form for the upcoming school year may be completed online at
b. For Financial Aid assistance, you may contact the Financial Aid Office at 479-248-7236

Refund Policy
The student must file this official Withdrawal Form with the Distance Ed Registrar to receive a tuition credit or refund.  Your refund will be calculated on the date/time you submit this form.  Students failing to properly withdraw from a course will not receive a tuition credit/refund.  The withdrawal fee per course is $25. This applies to administrative withdrawals as well. All times are in the Central Time Zone. If you are not sure what time it is in the Central Time Zone go to

Refunds are issued according to the following schedule minus the nonrefundable application and matriculation fees.

(Students must receive official confirmation of course withdrawal from the EC Online office to be eligible to receive the appropriate refund noted below.)

All Online Courses
-100% refund through first 6% of a particular offering period  (days are rounded up, when possible, to the benefit of the student)

  • If the offering period is 8 weeks long, the student receives 100% refund for the first 3 days and 0% thereafter.
  • If the offering period is 12 weeks long, the student receives 100% refund for the first 5 daysand 0% thereafter.
  • If the offering period is 16 weeks long, the student receives 100% refund for the first 7 daysand 0% thereafter.

-There is a 0% refund after midnight on last "refundable" day of class.

Three-Day Intensives
100% refund first half-day only

EC Online Cohorts

Students participating in the EC Online Cohort with Heartland Master's Commission receive graduated scholarships, ranging from 44% to 72% off the full tuition rate, depending on financial aid eligibility.

Students participating in the EC Online Cohort with the Atlanta School of Ministry receive a scholarship that is approximately 49% less than full tuition.

For more information on EC Online cohorts, please email us or call (479) 717-9940.

Audited courses or non-credit courses cannot be dropped nor credit/refunds issued. Audited courses are not listed on transcripts.

Course Withdrawal Fee:  $25

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