Changing Your Major, Minor, and/or Concentration/Emphasis

Steps to changing your major, minor and/or concentration/emphasis:

Student downloads or obtains a Major, Minor, Concentration, Emphasis Change Form from the Registrar’s Office.

Student fills out the entire form and takes it to the new major department chair for departmental approval and assignment of an advisor.  It is imperative these two lines be filled out before the form is considered complete.

Student brings all parts of the signed form to the Registrar’s Office where the form is stamped.

Registrar enters the new information in the computer and retains a paper copy for the student’s permanent file.

A request for change in major, minor and/or concentration/emphasis may be submitted at the student’s discretion and is not limited to the time of registration.  However, the more changes that are made in degree selection, the greater the possibility that it will take more than four years to complete a degree program.

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